Bill Gates cant count - Makes sense
Windows 10 Fail - Windows 10... Setup fail
What if this was true - What if fish were afraid of water too
Flappy Bird Rich - I beat him by one so my life is better
Early bird gets no worm - I dont ever get the worm either


Funny Bernie Sanders Campaign - No wonder he was out of the running
Dem Vape Skillz - He calls it the swirly whirly lololol
Trick Got Her Treat - Now he has a pimptastical personality
The Purge Kid - The purge conspiracy is over
Harley Quinn Costumes - Harley Quinn Halloween costumes everywhere indeed!


OMG Corn - Kid loves the KERN!
Mediapickle Animation Demo 2016 - A culmination of over 15 years of animation by Chris Dill.
George Bush Banana - When George W Bush went to the Congo in search of apes that love these bananas, he could not find a single one
Drunk Tent Pitching - After partying too much Friday night, Hector had trouble setting up his tent for the weekend stay
Drunken Houseboating - I hope he wasnt the captain of the boat but my guess was he is not


Best Cook Ever - I know people who have this exact diet!
Women Schedule Arguments - Oooohhhhhh thats how this happens... I knew it was a conspiracy
Bad Decisions - She is obliviously immune to good advice
For Petes Sake - Pete cant get a break
Trump - Whats on Pluto - What is on Pluto?  Trump has the answer!


She is a trashy one - What do you expect?  His job sucks and he needs to mix things up with a lovely plastic dame.
No Pool No Problem - There is no shame but there should be
This guy is doing it wrong - The father never should have let his wife deliver the boat
Cat kills TP - The cat has his reasons
Vapers be like - Vape clouds only to dream of


Candy Crush Meme - This is how I would feel if I hadnt given up on level 30
Back to the crib - We all have that feeling every now and then
Hot Pocket Relationship - Yeah, who eats veggies with Hot Pockets?  Not I.
Dog farts - cant blame anyone - Blame the cat, I say
The Accounting Dog - His reasoning checks out


Harry Potter and the Magical Army - Harry Potter has to do what Harry Potter has to do
Student Safety at Hogwarts - Makes sense
80s Fashion Sense - Yeah, what the hell were we thinking then?!
Movie Theater Robbed - I dunno, movie theaters think they have to charge you an arm and a leg now days for a movie ticket
Facebook Cat Friend - Cat owners wonder why they suddenly have an extra 200 friends!