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End of the World - Mondays seem hard but if you just forget it is Monday, your day will get better
Trump Cat - You really can be ANYthing!
Cats and Gifts - Cats will eat anything
Attitude Problem - That's one way to look at it
Dem fat UFC fans - Your shirt says one thing but your body says something entirely different
Epic DUI Prank - Tom Mabe pulls off his epic DUI prank but there is more to this one than just being funny.
How pets get their way - Could you deny that face?
A Letter to Santa - There is a valuable lesson here lolz
The Only Reason I check my voicemail - So true!
Back n my day - I did remember this from back in the day
Who is quentin tarantino - Is Pulp Fiction you're favorite movie? Do you know who Quentin Tarantino is?
Trump and Hillary Time magazine cover - This Time magazine cover featuring Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton has a double meaning lolz
Count fluffula - He is the real count, count fluffula
Weird Friends - Some friends are the best.. then there are THESE friends
Taking her for a walk - I think the dog is actually taking HER for a walk!  lolz
Big Chaos - Little Johnny pulls one over on everybody, once again
The Bong Song - A Classic Mediapickle parody of Sisko's Thong Song
Attitude - A married couple argues over who wears the pants
Yeah Toast - Heywood Banks - For all who love toast!
The talking baby - This new born baby can talk and he has a LOT to say!
Most interestingly loud cats - Interesting cats are not so interesting at 4 am
Captain Toilet Seat - How in the world did he get himself stuck in there?  Maybe he was trying to dress up as Captain Toilet Seat this Halloween.
Osama's Valentine - Little Johnny - Little Johnny's idea to spread love, peace, and war
Dodgeballs - Hilariously twisted Dodgeball movie parody cartoon.  Ben Stiller's character cracks me up!  Features Tom Arnold and Marilyn Manson too!  LOL
Swag - This kid is super excited about his swag
CIA Test - This CIA test goes very well for one candidate only
Show and Tell - Little Johnny - Warning: contains adult language - In this episode, Little Johnny tries to bring his dog Scratch to class for show and tell but a tragedy happens.
The best of kids being kids - vol 1 - Kids can be funny at times and sometimes you can capture that perfect moment when they are just being themselves.
What chocolate?!  - The wrapper is proof and the chocolate didn't eat itself!
All Aboard - Little Johnny gets grounded due to the use of naughty language
Desert Storm soldier funny pirate radio - This is Part 1 of a clip that contains audio from the first gulf war - Desert Storm. 

It aired as
Chuck Norris Pokemon Go - Reason number 3,462 as to why Chuck Norris is a badass
Pokemon Stop! - We all know that person who will do it!
Worst Tattoos Ever Volume 2 - Tattoos are great but bad tattoo mistakes are forever!
Bedtime Football - He intends to score but not in the way you might think.